Scraps, scraps and more scraps

14-Sep-2014: Moving Scraps into Quilts seems to be the start of almost countless new projects. But they all start with collecting scraps from former projects. And that’s where hesitance or confusion starts – is there a minimum size for scraps? No worries, Bonnie Hunter is a great teacher and shows that even the smallest scraps, the crumbs, can be useful! So the first thing I did was start an official bin for my scraps, and checked in boxes and drawers where I kept left over material of finished projects. Pretty soon I was able to start my first official scrap project. I call it ‘Indian Summer’. It is hand-quilted with a Celtic Knot Motive and I am quite happy with the result.

scrapbin indian_summer_01

27-Apr-2014: Finished! Meet Lotje (the milk-lover) and Tompoes (the happy red cat). It is almost 9 years ago that these two little sisters. they were welcomed in our house. We expected the red one to be a male, but at their first check up, the vet assured that Tommy was a girl. She is not the most intelligent cat, but very sweet. Lotje is our little hunter, bringing home her victims: dead birds and sometimes living (!) mice. So far we have had 2 mice who decided that nr 148 was the right place to live. One resided behind the cupboard (loaded with glass work and table wear!) and and one in a kitchen closet….we have politely asked them to leave the mansion and helped them to move out.

lotje tompoes we_live_here

20-Apr-2014: In the past weeks I have been busy preparing these little give-a-ways for family and friends. They’re easy to make and a DSC00968-Editpleasure to give.  Besides, it is a very good way to use some scraps.

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